Unused voucher/exam/download codes

Refunds can be made for online unused voucher/exam/download codes only. If the unused voucher/exam/download codes purchased was discounted or part of a bundle or combination of products, the refund will be prorated to reflect the actual purchase price of the unused voucher/exam/download codes. Any promotional offers or products received at the time of purchase are forfeited with the refund. 

Requests for refund must be made within two business days of the original purchase. Virsympay will remove the unused voucher/exam/download codes from your Merchant portal. If we see in our system that the unused voucher/exam/download codes have been printed, no refund will be made. 

This policy only applies to online purchases of Virsympay Unused voucher/exam/download codes purchased directly from Virsympay merchants. It is not applicable to: 

Downloaded Unused voucher/exam/download codes Purchased from vendors outside of Virsympay, but connected to Virsympay thru a 3rd party. 

Virsympay Unused voucher/exam/download codes received through an Authorized Channel Partner. 

Other Virsympay products – exam vouchers, online courses, eBooks, Cert Kits, digital downloads thru any of our merchants or assessments. 

How to Request a Unused voucher/exam/download codes Refund?

Please send a copy of your receipt to: 
Email: support@Virsympay.com 

Virsympay has the right to refute any requests for refund on charges that you dispute with your credit card company. 

Online Courses

Full refunds are available for the price you paid for Online Courses that have not been registered. Online Courses that have been registered are non-refundable. 

Video Training Refund and Return Policy

Video On Demand purchase 
If you request a refund, we will login to your video training account and apply the 33% rule: if you have accessed less than 33% of the online training, you qualify for a full refund; if you have accessed 33% or more of the online training, no refund will be made. Refund requests for Video online / On Demand products must be made within 30 days of original purchase date as noted on your Virsympay online purchase receipt; requests made after 30 days of purchase are non-refundable. 

To request a Video Online / On Demand refund, contact support@Virsympay.com stating your Virsympay Order number, the name of your product and a brief explanation why you want a refund. If you qualify for a refund, we will disable your online product and credit the full amount you paid back to your credit card. 

Digital Downloads

Full refunds are available for the price you paid for ANY digital download product that have not been registered and/or used. Digital Downloads that have been registered are non-refundable. 

Cert Kits

All purchases of Cert Kits made at 


Are final and non-refundable